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How to achieve that beautiful glow from within

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First things first is leave your powders at the door! This will be a creams and liquids situation from here on out. Creating that no makeup makeup glow is one of the most difficult techniques to conquer in makeup. For this technique I reccomend using a damp beauty blender, liquid highlight, a cream blush, and a liquid bronzer. Less is more here! Apply a pea sized amount of each product with your fingers to your face in the areas needed. (Highlight on the tops of the cheek bones, blush on the apples of the cheeks, etc.) Then you will starting with your darkest (bronzer) shade start stipping with your beauty blender. Repeat this step for each section, flipping your sponge so your darker shades will not mesh with your light. After wards spot conceal if needed and tahdah! You are glowing like a victoria secret super model. 


STIPPING- Bouncing your tool lightly on the face, making sure to not drag or rub. Think of dotting motions.

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