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How to find your undertone

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Finding your undertone can be difficult but here are some tricks to help figure it out!

First ask yourself do I look good in gold jewlery, silver jewlery or both? If you said gold add one tally for warm. If you said silver add one tally for cool. If you said both add one tally for neutral.

Next when I look in the mirror what color do I see? Yellow, pink, red, green, blue? Maybe a mix! Write that down

Now the breakdown

If you look better in silver jewlery and see pink or blue in the mirror then you have a cool undertone. If you have deep to deep dark skin red is also considered to be recgonized as a cool undertone.

If you look better in gold jewlery and see yellow or even yellow and green you have a warm undertone.

If you see more of just green you have a neutral olive skin tone. This undertone mostly occurs in people from mediterranean, middle eastern, parts of Africa, latin american, and indian descent.

If you look good in both silver and gold jewlery and also see yellow, pink, red, green,  and/or blue you are neutral. This is where the majority of us fall.

REMEMBER undertone is NOT determined by skin tone. For example you can be very fair and have a yellow undertone. 


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